(finalmente o volume 1 do relatório!!!! )

(August, 31, 2006) Final conference program:
final program has been posted. To download it, go to the Final Program section, or click here.

(August, 14th, 2006) Preliminary conference program:
A tentative preliminary program has been posted. To do
wnload it, go to the Scientific Program section, or click here.

(August, 8, 2006) Invite plenary Speakers:
Prof. Gernot Beer, Institut für Baustatik, Technische Universität Graz, Austria
Prof. Filip C. Filippou, School of Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, USA
Prof. Paulo Roberto Maciel Lyra, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universidade Federal do Pernambuco, Brazil
Prof. Djordje D. Peric, School of Engineering, University of Wales Swansea, United Kingdom

Prof. Emilio Carlos Nelli Silva, Escola Politécnica, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Prof. Victorio Sonzogni, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina

(August, 3, 2006) CMNE/CILAMCE 2007:
We are pleased to announce the CMNE/Cilamce 2007. It will be held at University of Engineering of Porto (FEUP) from June 13 to 15, 2007. CMNE / CILAMCE 2007 is a joint organization of the Portuguese (APMTAC), Spanish (SEMNI) and Brazilian (ABMEC) associations for Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering. For further information on the CMNE / CILAMCE 2007, please visit:

(August, 2, 2006) Extension of deadline for early registration:
Due to technical problems with the online registration system, the deadline for early registration has been extended from August 4th, to August 11th.

(July, 28, 2006) Tourist information:
A picture galery of Belém can be found here. Valeverde, the official Cilamce2006 travel agency, is organizing an excursion to Ilha do Marajó, after the conference. Get touristic information about Belém and Marajó island here (in portuguese).

(July, 24, 2006) Disccount for ABMEC members:
ABMEC members will receive a discount corresponding to their annual membership dues (R$60, R$40, or R$20, for professional members, graduate students and undergraduate students, respectively).

(July, 21, 2006) Paper evaluation:
The paper evaluation process has been completed, and notifications were sent by email to all authors. The evaluations are also available at the authors account area.

(June, 30, 2006) New date for notification of acceptance:
Due to technical difficulties with the full paper reviewing process, the date for notification of acceptance of full paper has been postponed to July 10th.

(May,30, 2006) Extension of deadline for fullpaper submission:
Accepting the requests of many authors, the deadline for full paper submission has been extended.
The deadline is now Friday Jun 2, 2006! This is the final date!!!

(May,19, 2006) Extension of deadline for fullpaper submission:
Accepting the requests of many authors, the deadline for full paper submission has been extended for 10 days more. The deadline is now Monday May 29, 2006!

(April, 19, 2006) List of Mini symposium coordinators:
The names of the mini symposia coordinators, with links to their email addresses, have been posted in the Scientific Program Section.

(April, 17, 2006) New deadline for submission of the full-length paper:
The abstract reviewing process has been completed. As it took longer than expected, the deadline for submission of the full-length paper has been postponed to May 19th.

(February, 21, 2006) New Minisymposium:
A new minisymposium entitled "Fluid-Structure Interaction" is being created. It will soon appear in the abstract submission program.

(February, 21, 2006) Official Travel Agency:
Valeverde Turismo has been chosen as the Official Travel Agency of Cilamce 2006!!! Please visit its web site at http://www.valeverdeturismo.com.br/ to get information about excursions in Belém.
Pay special attention to the fluvial excursions listed there (text in portuguese only)!!!

(February, 10, 2006) Changes in minisymposium names:
The title of the minisymposium "Industrial CFD Applications" was changed to "Advanced Turbulence Modeling for Industrial CFD".
Minisymposia "Optimization" and "Structural Optimization" were grouped into a new minisymposia entitled "Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization"

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